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Securing our future requires short and long term strategic planning. Through open dialogue I would like us to articulate a three to five year plan to address our issues and institutions - Development, Flooding, Environment, Water Quality, Long Wharf, Steinbeck Park, Culture, Business, Sag Harbor Cinema, Parking, Walking and Cycling Initiatives, Volunteer Fire and Ambulance Department, Police, Village Communication, Property Tax and Quality of Life Issues. I do not expect that we can address all of these issues in detail immediately, however I believe that we can outline a broad strategy and the guiding principles that will be our road map to the future.




  • With the addition of the proposed condominiums at 2 West Water Street and the renovation of the the former G.F. Schiavoni Plumbing warehouse on Jermain Avenue, we should be very careful before we approve any more multiple unit dwellings. The village needs to absorb what is proposed and underway, observe the effects of this development before approving any more.

  • With regard to single family homes we need to curtail the Greek Revival, revival. This is a result of homeowners undergoing major renovations or executing on a new build, wishing to avoid pyramid law sky plane penetration and needs to be addressed in a sympathetic manner.



  • Sag Harbor Schools have been at the core of our community for over 100 years. My children attend Pierson and are the beneficiaries of the excellent education provided, in a wonderful environment surrounded by committed staff. I consider the village and the school to be two sides of the same coin. If re-elected I will continue to encourage more open and consistent dialogue between our Board of Trustees and the Board of Education.



  • We need to develop a comprehensive plan to address the flooding issues prevalent along Long Island Avenue, Spring Street, Rose Street and the parking lot. This area was inundated during hurricane Sandy. Sandy did not produce much rain but substantial flooding was caused from water back flow through our storm drains. The installation of inexpensive rubber duckbill check valves would be effective in preventing this problem in the future.

  • Address the ongoing flooding and runoff issue from Pierson High School Gym. This flooding affects Jermain, Ackerly and on down to 114.



  • Introduce paid parking on Long Wharf . Parking charges can be free for residents, minimal in the off season but rise substantially in peak summer time. We could tender for technology from companies like Parkmobile . No unsightly parking meters, no scrambling for quarters. This system is currently in use in Patchogue and Freeport Long Island. Long Wharf will be in need of substantial maintenance in the near future. We already charge the yachts why not the cars? User pays.



  • John Steinbeck park will be without doubt the finest achievement of the current board and I salute them for their vision and tenacity. I am a strong proponent of the park and wish to thank the Sag Harbor Partnership for their support and their substantial donation last summer.

  • As much as possible the park should be tax neutral. I propose that we, the village residents take on some of the light maintenance duties of the park through community involvement. Meet your neighbors on Saturday mornings by the tool shed!



  • Culture and business are intertwined in Sag Harbor. The loss of our cherished cinema this winter dealt a devastating blow to both, and to the very heart of our village. If elected I will do everything within my power to smooth the way for the rebirth of the Sag Harbor Cinema in its new iteration, the Sag Harbor Cinema Arts Center. We owe the Sag Harbor Partnership a deep debt of gratitude for their leadership in purchasing the building. We all need to work together to ensure that the purchase comes to a successful conclusion.

  • If the Sag Harbor Cinema is the heart of our village then the Bay Street Theater is our soul. I love the theater and will support it in every way that I can. Former Mayor Ferraris said it best when he said, "Bay Street Theatre provides a social, cultural and economic anchor to the Village of Sag Harbor that is paramount to the success and popularity that the village currently embraces.”

  • Our museums, library and puppet theater round out our enviable range of cultural attractions. We are fortunate to be surrounded by such talented and generous institutions. If elected they can be sure of my support.

  • In addition to our enviable cultural institutions we have become a shopping and dining destination. A prosperous Sag Harbor is vital to our future. I am a small business owner and understand the trials and tribulations of running a business. If elected I will work tirelessly to promote a prosperous future for all of our local establishments.

  • Our harbor and waterfront is one of the finest on the east coast and without doubt our greatest natural resource. I support the Local Waterfront Revitalization Program Policies. If elected I look forward to working with the Harbor Committee and facilitating them in any way that I can.

  • I am not a sailor, but my wife Louise grew up sailing on Barnegat Bay and the Jersey shore. We appreciate the community created by our yacht clubs, Sag Harbor and Breakwater and the access to the water they provide for all. They deserve the support of the village. In particular Breakwater's open enrollment and youth programs are of great benefit to the village and to our children. As a community, we should do everything we can to ensure their continued success.



  • What's better for you than a bike ride or a good stroll? For the health and well being of our residents, young and old, and our environment, we should encourage bike riding and walking. By encouraging I mean developing a strategic plan and the associated infrastructure. Park and walk anyone?

  • I believe in creating safe paths for school kids to bike and walk to school. This will reduce the need for parking.

  • I supported the Sag Harbor Partnership in their proposed installation of bike racks in the village. We need to do everything we can to encourage bicycles.



  • There is no doubt that parking is a perennial, vexing issue in the business district. I believe that much of our Main Street summer traffic consists of vehicles cruising while they look for parking. I am always amazed that for July 4th fireworks or the Ragamuffin Parade we can host thousands of people and somehow everyone is able to park! On these occasions people are are content to park on the periphery and walk to Marine Park.

  • We can encourage paid periphery parking on summer evenings by providing cute electric jitneys that would run short routes around the village. A company called The Free Ride provides this service to the villages of East Hampton and Southampton. We should reach out to the school district, St Andrews Church, The Old Whalers Church, Mashashimuet park (after dark) and Havens Beach. This approach would keep unwanted circulating traffic from our downtown, provide over a hundred new parking spaces, be revenue neutral or a benefit for the village and provide welcome extra income for the institutions involved. The American Hotel currently has such an arrangement with Suffolk County National Bank.

  • Introduce paid parking on Long Wharf. (See above).

  • Add a parking information link to our new village web site. By using the Parkmobile system or similar, cars can be directed to the location with the most availability. All in all a more environmentally friendly solution!

  • The recent loss of parking on streets around the school might be justified, however the process left a lot to be desired. We need to consult with all affected parties before making such drastic changes.



  • Without our great volunteer institutions our lives would be in peril more often than not. We all saw this winter the skill and bravery of our volunteer firefighters as they brought a most horrendous fire under control in the most difficult of conditions. I am the eternally grateful recipient of their consummate professionalism on the occasion of a chimney fire in my two old timber frame home some years ago. They were outstanding!

  • We all owe a debt of gratitude to our skilled and dedicated Volunteer Ambulance Corps. I was happy to vote for their pension conversion last year.




  • I believe that our village police force is at the very core of our village experience. I support our police department and would not like to be policed by a force from another jurisdiction.

  • Our police force requires a substantial proportion of our tax revenue, therefore we must ensure that it runs as efficiently as possible.

  • As trustees we have a responsibility to maintain tight fiscal oversight on all of our activities to ensure that Sag Harbor remains affordable for all.




  • I have thirty years of experience running a small business, I am familiar with budgets and the tough decision making that is necessary to make ends ends meet.

  • Through my proposed state of the village quarterly Saturday morning meetings and web site postings, I hope that we can keep village residents informed of the current fiscal conditions throughout the year.


  • Shovel your snow. We all have a responsibility to keep the footpath in front of our property free of snow and ice.

  • Trim your bushes. We all have a responsibility to keep the footpath in front of our property from overgrown bushes and shrubs.

  • Outlaw the constant running of electrical generators on building sites. Mandate temporary electrical hookups.

  • Step up enforcement.


  • Many of our neighbors and taxpayers are second homeowners and part time residents. In addition many of our full time residents have work that regularly takes them far from home. Everyone deserves to be included in village deliberations. I would propose that one Board of Trustees meeting every quarter would be held on a Friday Afternoon or Saturday morning. Once a year in addition to the normal business, at the Saturday meeting, the board should deliver comprehensive state of the village presentation.

  • We should investigate the costs involved in retaining the services of SEA TV to broadcast our Board of Trustees, HP&ARB and SHZBA meetings live. This service is currently available for our School Board meetings, and surrounding towns and villages.


I am Aidan Corish and I am asking you for your Trustee vote on June 18th. Thank you.