About Me



About Me



My name is Aidan Corish and I am running for a second two year term as Sag Harbor Village Trustee. 

I love Sag Harbor, the village has been very good to me and to my family. My wife Louise and I have lived here since 1998. Our daughters attended the Elementary School and now attend Pierson. Our eldest is graduating this year and our youngest will graduate in 2022. Harry, our golden retriever refuses to live anywhere else!

Since my election in 2017, I have learnt so much more about this great place that we all call home. From our indispensable volunteer fire department and ambulance corps, to the dedicated professionals that keep our community operating and safe, the volunteers that man our various boards and the myriad of concerned and committed local residents that devote their time and expertise to the various non profit associations that further and protect the great quality of life that we enjoy here in Sag Harbor.

I have enjoyed working with our Mayor and fellow Board Members throughout. No doubt we have not agreed on every proposition that came before us, most notably the Police Impound Yard. The opposition to this initiative was broad, deep and vocal, as was mine. Debate and dissent go to the core of our politics and is the strength of our system. As I maintained throughout my first candidacy and my tenure as Trustee, it is incumbent on us to manage to disagree agreeably. There are so many issues that need attention, it is vital that we continue to work together for the greater good, no matter the depth of our disagreements on individual issues.

I am pleased with the progress that the village has made over the past two years and I believe that I have played my part as a member of the village board. Over the past two years I have;

  • Listened and responded to the concerns of village residents.

  • Helped to implement the first ever continuous water quality testing initiative in association with Stony Brook University.

  • Opposed the construction of a police impound yard adjacent to the Long Pond Greenbelt preservation.

  • Initiated the ongoing project to expand the STP service areas to reduce the amount of nitrogen entering our waterways.

  • Supported the mandated use of I/A innovative septic systems.

  • Spearheaded the creation and implementation of the new village web site with the goal of enhanced communications for all residents. If you have not already done so, login and create your account.

  • Introduced the live HPARB application list to the village website.

  • Helped execute the upgrade to the meeting room audio and video experience.

  • Opposed the removal of the first public input session at our regular meetings.

  • Supported the Long Wharf rehabilitation project.

  • Supported the creation of Steinbeck Park .

  • Supported parking mitigation initiatives.

  • Worked continuously to secure grants for our infrastructure projects to reduce the tax burden on our homeowners.

The past two years have been a time of constant and continuing education. There are many different lives lived in Sag Harbor, all contributing in their own way to the fabric and texture of our village. It is important as a Trustee to understand this and to consider how any one of our decisions might affect others, especially those less able to make themselves heard. I appreciate the diversity of opinion that exists and embrace inclusion, transparency and open respectful dialogue. Once I have gathered all of the facts and listened to the contrary opinions, I am not afraid to make tough decisions no matter how difficult they might be.

There is no doubt that we will never agree on every issue, however I do hope that for the good of our community, we can disagree agreeably. The knowledge gained during my first term will serve me well and make me an even more effective representative should I be fortunate enough to be reelected on June the 18th. Ultimately, to secure our future we need to be united, Sag Harbor United!


I am Aidan Corish and I am asking you for your Trustee vote on June 18th. Thank you.